On Cape Home Watch Services

Having a licensed, insured professional like On Cape Home Watch look after your unoccupied home will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve so you can be completely engaged with family and friends instead of worrying about your home.  Hiring a professional home watch company like On Cape Home Watch will limit your exposure to possible undiscovered damage and mitigate the risks caused by unforeseen water leaks, HVAC failures, standby generator failures, mold, pest infestations and many other issues that can occur in your absence. 

On Cape Home Watch is bonded and insured and has been fully vetted and accredited by the National Home Watch Association.  Accredited members of the NHWA must pass a strict vetting process.   We must carry proper insurance, pass a criminal background check, must carry surety bond and dishonesty bond and in Massachusetts must be licensed and bonded with the Massachusetts State Police.  We must follow all state and local laws governing home watch activities.  We must agree to uphold the highest ethics in the home watch industry.  Accredited members of the National Home Watch Association always look out for the best interests of the homeowner. 

If you have a need that is not listed below, please ask.  We will do our best to accommodate.


– Visual inspection of the exterior of your home and grounds to detect signs of damage, forced entry or other issues.  Collect any flyers, newspapers, packages, mail…

-Check status of automatic generator as appropriate for signs of damage/tampering and confirm working status.

-Check irrigation system as appropriate for signs of damage/tampering

-Check pool/pool filter/hot tub as appropriate for signs of damage/tampering



– Visual inspection of every wall/ceiling in every room on every floor of your home including garage to detect signs of damage.

-Confirm that all windows and doors are locked as appropriate.

-Visual inspection for water stains/mold/mildew

-Visual inspection for signs of rodents/insects/pests

-Confirm that thermostats are working properly, and that home is heated/cooled as set.

-Turn on Main Water supply.

-Run faucets, flush toilets, test washing machine, dishwasher and sink disposal as appropriate.

-Turn off Main Water supply.  (at completion of inspection we will forward photo to you showing that the Main Water Supply has been turned off).

-Visually inspect Electrical Service Panel for tripped breakers.

-Visually inspect hot water tank/supply for leaks/power issues.

-Visually inspect additional areas as requested by homeowner.

-Properly secure home and set alarm.

At the completion of the visual inspections as indicated above we will email you a report confirming that the inspection was completed.  We will also email any homeowner requested photos.  If we have discovered any non-emergency issues, we will include that in the report as well. 

Emergency Issues that require immediate action will be addressed when discovered.  We will secure the home (if safe to do so) and contact the appropriate emergency response authorities.  We will then contact you.  We will remain at your home until the issue has been addressed and your home can once again be properly secured.



We also offer these services to our home watch customers for additional fees as appropriate.

Car Drive Service – We will start your vehicle and take for a short drive to keep battery charged and all lines lubricated and brakes from freezing/rusting.

Package Service – have your packages addressed to us.  We will deliver them to your home upon your return or deliver them inside your home/garage upon our next inspection.

Mail Forwarding Service – Instead of trusting the Post Office with your mail forwarding we will collect it for you and mail all your mail to you at an interval of your choosing.

Alarm Response Service – Visual inspection of your home and property when your alarm goes off.

Key Holder Service – We can unlock your home for tradesmen, skilled workers, inspectors, large item deliveries…  or scheduled guests.

Waiting Service – we will stay on site until maintenance/work/delivery is complete and then properly secure your home

Preventive Maintenance Service – change filters, batteries for smoke/fire/CO2 detectors, light bulbs (interior and exterior) as needed.

Pre Storm Preparation Assistance – let us help when there is weather on the way and you can’t be there.

Post Storm Inspection – We will perform our signature exterior and interior visual inspections of your home to identify and help coordinate any repairs/services as needed.

Repair or Maintenance Service Coordination – If your home needs repairs we can contact your electrician/plumber/carpenter… and coordinate the repairs for you.

Handyman Services – Painting, light carpentry, minor plumbing repair or fixture installation, minor electrical repair or fixture installation or any other repairs as requested